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Carbon Footprint Calculator

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Knowing your carbon footprint can be the first step to understanding your impact. It empowers you to take action in all areas of your life. The free carbon footprint calculator makes it easy and can take less than ten minutes.

Choose the parts of your footprint you want to calculate.

Answer simple questions or use the easy averages provided.

Get hints, tips and hacks along the way and after you calculate.

Reduce in the areas you can.

Remove what you can’t reduce by planting trees here in Australia.

Carbon Positive Australia are an independent registered charity. Donations made through the calculator offsets go towards their restoration projects throughout Australia.

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The carbon issue for the Arctic

After years operating solo and in teams within the most fragile and yet wild areas of planet earth, Geoff has become a passionate environmentalist and hope to serve as a Global Warner to the adventure community at large.

” More can be done by all of us as individuals and waiting for the Politicians to move on this issue is too late… We must be the change – NOW” Geoff Wilson

The remainder of Geoff’s adventure career will be focused on showcasing the fragility of the Arctic and Antarctic regions and he serves to educate, remind and encourage all of us to become CARBON RESPONSIBLE. Becoming Carbon positive or neutral will take time, but the first step is understanding your own impact. Do the Carbon Calculator today and start making small steps in the right direction.

The Science is in, its correct and what we see here in maniland Australia is amplified 1000 fold in the Polar Regions.


Just understanding your personal contribution to the Planets Carbon issue is HUGE. Its only by being eyes wide open and understanding if you are a 6,7,8 or even a 10 tonne Carbon Producer each year that you can grasp the enormity of the issue at hand and then help to educate friends and family. Joining together as a family, community or team to reduce emissions is rewarding, impactful and helps you live a life of purpose, protecting our wilderness areas for the generations to come.

Do the carbon estimator and try and reduce carbon by 20 % and if you can afford to – jump onto a trusted Carbon Offset Program or contribute to the VetLove Forest – our very own forest in Borneo that is helping to chew Carbon out of the air we breathe and create habitat for multiple forest species at the same time.

This is exciting – think back to the Whales ! Almost hunted to extinction, a few good men and women fought tirelessly for their voice to be heard. Now mere decades later the numbres are recovering beyond all expectations. If we rally together and follow the science, remove all the political mist and taken small steps daily – we can affect the same sort of radical change in time to avoid irreversible changes to the Arctic and Antarctic.