Project Zero


A Father and Son’s Journey to Antartica

A father and son’s journey to Antarctica and far reaches of the globe to dispel the mis-truths of climate change.

A Net-Zero Docu-Series documenting the voyage of two adventurers as they explore some of the world’s most isolated and vulnerable environments. From the South Pole to the North Pole, our duo will document the visible impact of global warming on these landscapes and engage with the world’s leading climate scientists, advocates and initiatives.

The project aims to transcend generational barriers, as a father imparts his lived experience of polar exploration and a son seeks new perspective amidst growing tensions in a warming world

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Nanook Yacht

Nanøøk was the King of all bears, for the Inuit peoples of the faar north – no hunt would go well without his blessing. Despite all of our arrogance and technology, western society will not go well, if we do not humble ourselves and bend the knee figuratively to Nanøøk once more. Ask for the Bear’s blessing and instead of hunting seal, we shall hunt carbon. Try and simplify our lifestyles, our diet, our fashions, our transport and seek to remove Carbon from the air. By doing this we shall protect Nanøøk and all the lesser Bear’s of the Polar regions… something as a Polar Explorer I am passionate about.

NANØØK X is a vessel designed to be Carbon Neutral and to assist Geoff enter into a series of NETZERO adventures. The goal of these journeys is to take on physical challenges in regions of the planet most at risk. To showcase the accelkrating changes occuring and to drive awareness of what we can do back home to help, to drive awareness of how we can assist Nanøøk survive so our childrens children can see these amazing animals in their Arctic home.

NANØØK X will deliver Geoff to Patagonia, Antarctica and the Arctic regions to film a docuseries all about adventure, but also about a NETZERO lifestyle, making sure for every piece of Carbon produced for these journeys we are being responsible and offsetting the emissions as we create them. By doing this we become very aware, become “carbon responsible” and start to make slow change in the right direction.

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